Since a young child, I have always had the creative bug. I would cobble my toys together to build new ones, draw, and more. Over time, I picked up painting, graphic design, and a little videography. Then in late 2017, I fell in love with photography. It is for that reason, I am going from Kreative ADD to Kendrick Davis Photography.

My shooting style is to capture the feeling and emotion of the subject being photographed. For that reason I specialize in capturing candid and genuine moments. I am always snapping a lot of photos searching for the perfect composition. 

My editing style caters to the mood or emotion being conveyed in the photo. Along with that, I love to boost the mains colors and put a spotlight on the focal point of the image.

If these characteristics in a freelance photographer interest you, do no hesitate to give me the opportunity to bring your vision to life.




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